Stopper consisting of an agglomerate body produced using moulding technology and two natural cork discs sanitised by osmosis. This solution is ideal for the medium to long-term ageing of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines and it comes in both classic “mushroom” and “straight” stopper tipologies. Esteem minimises the presence of synthetic components and also adds value when a bottle is opened due to its attractive visual appearance. Available in different visual varieties.



Sparkling or semi-sparkling wines
(mushroom-shaped stopper):
48×30.5 mm

Sparkling or semi-sparkling wines
(straight cork or with string):
42×26 / 42×28 / 42×29 mm


Use before: 6 months
Humidity during storage: 40% – 70% RH
Storage temperature: 15ºC – 20ºC | 59ºF – 68ºF
Environment: Store stoppers in a clean, well-ventilated, odour-free place and away from products with chlorine.

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