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Our cork stoppers undergo sanitisation treatments designed to eliminate any organoleptic deviations and to safeguard the elastic memory of the tissues.

Select for the type of wine


One-piece stopper obtained by direct extraction from cork planks. This closure is the…

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"Respira" is the fruit of R&D carried out in our laboratories where tradition blends with…

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"Ancora" consists of a sanitised microgranule body and two natural cork discs opposite…

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Stopper 1.1

Technical stopper consisting of a microgranule body and two natural cork discs opposite…

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Tech made entirely of selected and sanitised microgranule. This stopper can be used to…

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Trilogy is a stopper consisting of three parts: an agglomerate body produced using…

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Stopper consisting of an agglomerate body produced using moulding technology and two…

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We provide a high quality and reliable product thanks to careful quality controls at all stages of processing.

The care taken in the selection of our raw materials and the analyses carried out in our laboratories result in a product that gives high-performance and safety in terms of wine preservation.

Quality andtechnology

Italsughero is a company with state-of-the-art technology that covers the entire production process from the selection and processing of the raw materials right through to the marketing of the finished product.

Quality controls at all stages of production

Italsughero monitors all stages of the production cycle directly. The high number of controls carried out in our laboratories starts when the raw materials arrive and continues during processing right through to the finished product to give safe and high performance results.

Tradition andMade in Italy

Italsughero is a major producer of cork stoppers in Italy and it carries on its business tradition in winemaking localities in Italy.

Working together to improve

Italsughero works together with universities to research new methods to reuse materials. It also works closely with its suppliers to develop increasingly more eco-friendly solutions, which at the same time achieve high standards of quality and safety.

With this in mind, Italsughero has joined the platform created by Sedex, a not-for-profit organisation which is committed to promoting ethical principles along global supply chains and is the largest platform in Europe that collects and processes data on ethical conduct in supply chains.

Its methodology involves conducting audits of its suppliers and collecting best practices on ethics and social issues, and its online database, named Sedex Advance, can be used to exchange data to help companies identify, manage and mitigate ethical risks in their supply chain.

Italsughero is aware that as a production company, the various steps in its production processes may result in negative impacts. The company has already launched mitigation action for each of the main impacts and further projects will be started as a result of its sustainability strategy formally set out in its Strategic Plan 2022-2024.

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