A family tradition

Interview with Claudio Correggi

From our origins to today

Our history


Over a century of tradition

Cork processing is a family tradition that has ancient origins and developed in Cervarezza, a village in the Apennine Mountains of Reggio Emilia where our ancestors came from. Here shepherds, returning from “transhumance” in the Maremma, would bring cork bark with them to be processed manually in houses and cellars to make corks, which would then be sold on the plains. Our family, along with other local families, was part of this history of trade and cultural exchange which made the economy of that small town flourish. This history is told today in the Cervarezza Cork Museum.


From artisans to entrepreneurs

In 1962, Primo, Battista, Quarto and Giovanni Correggi founded Italsughero at Montecchio Emilia.
“Our grandfather, with his older sons, used to come to Montecchio for the San Simone fair to sell the stoppers he had made in Cervarezza. He liked the town and its people, and he settled here in the 1950s. Soon after, our father Primo, together with some of his brothers, founded the company with the name it still bears today.”
Ciro Correggi


Twenty years of adventure

After almost twenty years of business adventures, during which Italsughero laid solid foundations, the four brothers broke up. Battista, Giovanni and Quarto pay off and Primo remained as the sole owner of the company, which he was to pass on to his sons, Ciro and Claudio, within a few years.
(Photo: Primo Correggi)


The first technical stopper

In 1992 we installed our first gluing machine. It was an important step that allowed us to diversify our products and it opened doors onto new markets which over the years would become very important for our company . This product innovation was important for Italsughero. It brought us new skills, suppliers, instruments and a new way of creating value.


Towards new lands

The need to increase volumes of production and seek better quality raw materials led new generations of the Correggi family to look to Spain and to Jerez de Los Caballeros in the autonomous community of Extremadura in particular. Here, the climate and soil ensure that the cork oak forests that grow there provide a very high quality raw material. Our permanent presence in the area enabled us to establish strong relationships to source supplies which over time became very solid to the point where we are able to directly supervise the initial stages of processing the cork after the bark is removed in the forest, consisting of storage, maturing and the first boiling.


The laboratory and new technologies

In 2001, Italsughero opened its first in-house laboratory which meant it could perform continuous quality controls on its raw materials, auxiliary materials, production processes and the finished product.
“We increased our volumes of production and diversified our products, but at that point we knew that we had to take a leap forward to set ourselves apart, a leap that had to be in the quality and safety of our products for which new technologies were essential. So we set up an in-house laboratory to work full-time on quality control and R&D.”
Claudio Correggi



In 2008, we decided to replicate what we had done in Spain in the 1990s and sank roots in Portugal, the largest producer of cork in the world. A presence in Portugal is essential both for supplies and also to carry out the first quality controls by exclusion on the raw material.


The sustainability challenge

In 2021, we embarked on a sustainability programme driven by the desire to go beyond formal obligations and the financial dimension of the results alone. We therefore published our first sustainability report as a new practice to also report on our social and environmental results. Furthermore, by involving our collaborators we formulated a sustainability plan to guide our future actions.

Today we are a company with cutting-edge technology that covers the entire production process and we are the leading Italian producer of cork stoppers for sparkling and semi-sparkling wine.

Today we are a company with cutting-edge technology that covers the entire production process and we are the leading Italian producer of cork stoppers for sparkling and semi-sparkling wine.