ITALSUGHERO offers a high quality and reliable product thanks to careful controls in all processing phases.

The care in choosing raw materials and the analyzes carried out by our laboratories allow us to obtain a safe and highly performing product.

Tradition and Innovation

for over 50 years

The brothers Primo, Battista, Quarto and Giovanni Correggi founded Italsughero in Montecchio Emilia in 1962. The company is the result of a long family tradition which began in 1915 at Cervarezza, a mountain village in the Reggio Emilia Apennines.
Today, Italsughero is a company with state-of-the-art technology that covers the entire production process from the selection and processing of the raw materials right through to the marketing of the finished product.

About our company

Quality and technology

Production of technical stoppers and single-piece natural stoppers. QC Laboratory. Osmosis process washing, X-Ray machines and X-Ray inspection.

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Our Services

We seek to establish solid lasting relationships with our customers so that they come to us for both pre- and post-sales services.

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Cork is a renewable, sustainable and natural raw material. Its production starts when the bark is removed (decortication) from Cork Oaks (Quercus Suber)...

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Quality andtechnology

Italsughero is a company with cutting-edge technology that covers the entire production process from the selection and processing of the raw materials right through to the marketing of the finished product.

Quality controls at all stages of production

Italsughero monitors all stages of the production cycle directly. The high number of controls carried out in our laboratories starts when the raw materials arrive and continue during processing right through to the finished product to give safe and high performance results.

Tradition andMade in Italy

Italsughero is a major producer of cork stoppers in Italy and it carries on its business tradition in winemaking localities in Italy.

Working together to improve

Italsughero works together with universities to research new methods to reuse materials. It also works closely with its suppliers to develop increasingly more eco-friendly solutions, which at the same time enable high standards of quality and safety also to be reached.

A more sustainable future

Certified down the entire production chain

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energy independent


tons of CO2 emissions avoided each year


m3 of natural gas saved


of raw materials reused

Data refer to 2021

A family tradition

Our family has been producing cork stoppers for over a hundred years. The first was my great-grandfather Raimondo who, in the late 1800s, left the chestnut forests of Cervarezza, a mountain village in the Reggio Emilia Apennines, for the oak the forests of Maremma to escape starvation. He would return to the village with cork barks that he would process during the winter and turn into stoppers that would be sold on the plains in the spring with chestnuts and wood.

Cork is the story of our family, of generations who have followed one after the other to keep this tradition alive and, while respecting its ancient roots, we have continually innovated our production processes and introduced new technologies to achieve an ever-better product. We believe that continuous investment in R&D in our laboratories is key to meeting the challenges of tomorrow with increasingly more eco-friendly solutions and higher-performance products.

For our family, respect for this tradition means doing better each day than the day before so that we can continue to help produce one of Made in Italy’s leading products, which is wine.

Claudio Correggi
Vice President
of Italsughero S.r.l.

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